The primary objective of the EsojayMentoring program is to help the Mentee to draw from within themselves what is believed to be there already. While the desired objective is to teach the Mentee how to be a successful entrepreneur, we recognize that entrepreneurship is not for everybody as it requires the ability to take risk, envision success and be resiltent to failure in pursuit of success, which some just are not cut out for. Some will thrive better as “Intrapreneurs” rising to the peak of their career in corporate environment. The general approach though is to develop the Mentee to be a good leader, driven by the fact that “everything rises and falls on Leadership”.

The Mentoring Program consists of either of the following:-
– 12 face to face sessions of one hour each, twice a month to run for six months
– 12 face to face sessions of one two hours each, twice a month to run for three months

Value of the 12 session is N420,000 (US$1,148) but discounted to N300,000 (US$820) for the full package
The Full package comes with two books – John Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership and The Entrepreneur written by me, plus Lifetime access for continuing coaching after the six months Mentoring period.

The 12 Sessions – N30,000 (US$82) each 1. Leading Self
2. Startup Business Planning / Financing
3. Attitude and Character
4. Sales and Marketing *N50,000 (US$137) if stand alone
5. 12 Life Lessons from John C. Maxwell
6. Operations
7. Human Resource Management
8. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell
9. Running your own business successfully *N50,000 (US$137) if stand alone
10. Business Execution with Results *N50,000 (US$137) if stand alone
11. The JMT DNA
12. Debrief, recap and Post Mentoring Assessment NB: The Mentee could however opt to choose and pick where they do not want the full package. Also sessions will be preceded by an introductory session, a get to know each other better session (Individual & Business)


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